Smokey Osso Buco

Smokey Osso Buco 

Makes 4 – 6 servings 

1 tablespoon olive oil 

4 ounces pancetta, diced 

3 pounds veal shanks, about 2 to 3 inches thick 

Flour for dusting 

2 carrots, diced 

2 celery ribs, diced 

1 large onion, diced 

4 thyme sprigs

1 tablespoon tomato paste  

5 garlic cloves 

1 cup dry white wine 

Zest of 1 lemon, grated on a microplane

1 ½ cups chicken stock 

Sea salt and cracked black pepper 

2 tablespoons minced flat-leaf parsley leaves 

Preheat your Traeger Grill to 325 degrees F. 

Heat a dutch oven (or high-sided oven safe pan) over medium-heat, and add the olive oil. When the oil is shimmering, add the pancetta and cook until browned all over, crisp, and the fat has rendered. Remove with a slotted spoon, leaving the fat in the pan. 

Season the veal shanks well with sea salt and cracked black pepper. Dredge with flour, coating every nook and cranny, then shake off any excess, and add to the hot pan. Brown all over, about 4 – 5 minutes per side. Remove the shanks from the pan and set aside. 

Next, go in with the carrots, celery, and onion, season with a pinch of salt, and cook until softened, about 6 – 8 minutes. Add the thyme, tomato paste, and garlic, and cook for 1 minute. Next, add the wine and lemon zest, and bring to a simmer. Place the veal shanks back into the pan, then pour in the chicken stock, and season again with a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper.. 

Transfer to your preheated Traeger and cook for about 1 – 1 ½ hours, or until the meat is tender and the sauce has reduced. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary. Plate up over creamy polenta or risotto, and garnish with chopped parsley. Delicious!

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