2016, A Year in Pulses.


Pulses! Genius little rock star ingredients that should occupy a permanent home in your kitchen cupboard.

The world over, people are cooking with and absolutely loving Pulses. The United Nations declared 2016 as the “Year of the Pulse”, and I’ve been honored to work with these incredible ingredients all year long, challenging my culinary go-to habits and changing the way I see protein and texture options in a dish. Also, they’re delicious, sustainable, cost-effective, readily available, jam-packed with nutrients, and store well for ages. So much win!

I was beyond fortunate to be able to travel to so many inspiring places in 2016. From Kenya, to Somalia, and Barbados, from New York, to Toronto, and so many points in between. I experienced food and food culture in a new, fresh, and incredibly exciting way. So inspiring!  One of my favorite memories (both is 2016, and my entire life) was cooking pulses with Joyce and Andrew at their home in the northern Kenyan highlands. Cooked over an open flame, we created a vegetarian pulse-based dish that she makes often for her family – healthy, nutrient-rich, and entirely delicious. It was incredible to taste and experience food cooked so far from my home, in a new way and style, all while using ingredients that we have direct access to at our local markets. Food is community. It brings people together, it sustains us, comforts us, and brings us joy.

2016 may be over, but 2017 has just begun – a fresh start, a clean slate. And there is no better time than right now to commit to cooking scratch-made meals at home, challenging ourselves in the kitchen, and incorporating new and exciting ingredients into our diets. What better time to start rocking pulses as part of our weekly meal plans. Both your wallet and your heart will thank you.

Here is a roundup of my year with pulses. Recipes that will be sure to properly get you started on a path towards Pulse deliciousness.

Chana Masala


Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Dahl Curry 


Beef Kebabs with Split Pea Hummus & Crispy Paprika Chickpeas


Chicken & Sausage Cassoulet 


Roasted Garlic Hummus 


Wicked Chile-Spiked Baked Beans




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