Seafood Boil with Crawfish & Clams


I used to be scared of seafood.

*Pause for dramatic effect…*

Some Maritimers (most Maritimers) grow up on a steady diet of lobster, shrimp, mussels, salmon, cod etc, but not I. We were not a seafood family, and definitely not a shellfish family. Why? I’m honestly not sure. Then one day when Leanne and I were dating, we were invited over to her parent’s house for lobster. Strong in the face of danger, and unwilling to show my cards, I pretended like I was an old pro. A seasoned seafood veteran. But beneath the surface, I was scared out of my mind and only wanting to please her family.

I learned a strong lesson that day. New things are exciting, not scary.


Since that fateful day, my love of seafood (and new food in general) has only grown deeper and deeper. Try everything you can, friends. Stretch your taste buds. You’ll learn how to taste different flavours, and pull out ingredients, which will ultimately help you become a better cook, and enjoy food more. Win/Win!

The next feat of strength came in the form of raw oysters, on the half shell. I was FREAKED. But I dove in, head first. Well, mouth first…you get the picture. Life changing. We have some of the best oysters ever right around the corner, care of Maison Beausoleil. Amazing product. Gorgeous.

Here’s a little photo series & recipe with some lovely Marche Moncton seafood.


Seafood Boil with Crawfish & Clams 

Serves 4

2 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning

5 pounds new potatoes

8 ears of corn, husks removed and cut into 2 inch chunks

3 cups green beans

1 jalapeño, halved lengthwise

2 cloves of garlic, peeled & smashed

3 pounds of crawfish, (already purged by your fishmonger)

3 pounds of clams

2 lemons

Hot sauce, to serve

Fill a large pot with water, add your Old Bay, jalapeño, and garlic, and bring to a boil.

Add your potatoes to the water, and cook for 10 minutes. Next add your corn and clams, and cover with a lid. Cook for 6 minutes, until the shells have opened.

Remove the clams with a strainer, and add your crawfish and green beans. Cook for 3 minutes.

Drain, place on a large platter along with your clams, and drizzle lemon juice all over. Serve with more lemon, hot sauce, and beer.





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